12 January 2012

Spice Mix Gift

Ummm, Christmas is over.

I know.

But I didn't get this posted in time and I figured I'd forget by next year for sure, so....better late than never?

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with sweets around the holidays. (Do NOT stop sending them over, though!) But I figured I'd gift something that didn't have to be used right away and wouldn't add to the holiday snacking guilt. (I'm always thinking of YOU my friend! Haha!)

This year, as a cute little gift for people I visit teach, I put my favorite spice mix in small jars. (I omit the thyme...not a fan.) I didn't mix it up, but layered it in the jar instead. It's pretty because the spices are Christmas colors. I use this mix all the time, for chicken especially, but it's also really, really good on grilled salmon and in grilled hamburgers.

I'm also posting the recipe printables. I inserted them into a table in my Word program (3 of each to a page) and then removed the table's borders. Like in this screenshot:

On card stock, print the front and flip it over to print the back and they should be double sided. (I didn't explain that very well but if you play with it on your printer, you'll figure it out.)

Here are the printables:

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