Ahhh....a craft room. It would be a dream come true.


I really do need one. I'm usually always in the middle of one or two (or ten) projects at any given time.

"My name is Michelle and I'm a dining-room-table-top-crafter."

I bet my husband wishes there was some sort of a rehab program for that. Under my bed it's crammed with...boxes of craft supplies. On shelves, and in storage chests, and in dressers in my bedroom...craft supplies. Piled in the corners (of a few too many rooms in the house which I may or may not admit to)...craft supplies. (I'm not even admitting to the supplies stuffed in my closet, or in the garage.)

(Uh-oh, I totally sound like a craft supply hoarder!!!)

I love being creative. I especially love to paint. I sort of love to sew when the finished product turns out right. (Tell me you totally get what I mean by that, right?!) I mostly love doing projects to decorate my home. I also end up doing a lot of projects for activities in my church. Hopefully I'll have some good ideas to share. Let me know if you try any of them out!