13 January 2012

Doily Cupcake Liners

Let's see how this goes.

You trust me, right?

I'm not exactly 100% confidant about remembering how I made these. I took these photos back in 2009 and FORGOT ALL ABOUT THEM. The only thing I can't remember is if I get two or three cupcake liners out of each doily. I am about 99% sure it's three. If you ruin one trying it out...I APOLOGIZE!

What I do remember is that I got 60 liners for about $4. A BARGAIN considering I've seen these types of cupcake liners for a dollar each.

Now, of course they aren't perfect but they are beautiful! And not terribly time consuming either.

First, start off with a 10 pack of 10 inch paper doilies.

Cut straight into the doilies. (Oops...I can't remember if I used to cut them all at once or one at a time. Start out with one at a time to be safe.)

(I am SO helpful today!)

Then cut around the edge where the "lace" ends and discard the middle. Now, cut the lace edge into (I think) 3 equal parts.

I like to use Aleene's Tacky Glue and just barely coat one edge of the liner. Wrap closed and press for a few seconds. (It bonds so quickly.)

Test your first one or two out with a cupcake cup just to be sure of the sizes. Ta-da! Instant cupcake glam.

Man...sure wish I'd remembered to take a photo with the cupcakes inside them. Actually, I think I did...but I bet they were some of the photos that were on my external drive that I hadn't backed up yet (I know) that crashed. No literally...crashed...off of my table and onto the floor and was unrecoverable. LUCKILY I didn't have too many files on it yet, but the ones I did lose were irreplaceable (nieces first birthdays and family photo sessions and such). :(

OOOHHHH...don't bake the cupcakes in these, by the way. Just use them as you're setting up the cupcake display.