27 February 2012

Young Women Birthday Gifts

Part of our birthday gifts this year for the Young Women are these cute note cards that they are to use to brighten someone else's day. It goes really well with the theme to Arise and shine forth.

I followed these directions except that I cut my card stock for only 4 cards to a page and I don't own any cute paper punches.

You know what that means, right?

Yep, I cut out each shape by hand. With about 32 girls at 4 cards each, I decided not to do several layers of the shapes on each card and only sewed on one shape per note card instead. I made a stencil for each shape and just had it sitting out to work on whenever I had spare time using leftover paper scraps from this project. I did hearts, stars, butterflies and birds. It was easy!

Then I printed out strips of paper and wrapped up four note cards for each girl.

We also made the girls cute little zip pouches.

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