07 October 2010

Cute Birds and a Bathroom Update

A few months ago we decided to re-paint the kids (and guest's) bathroom. We found a shower curtain Rob and I could both agree on and then TRIED to find a way to decorate the bathroom without it being all match-matchy straight from the store ugliness. I painted one wall a silvery brown color on top of the chair rail and a darker chocolaty brown on the lower half. Then I decided I wanted to make a cute bird and an owl for in there...only by the time I finished painting everything else I wanted in the bathroom, the bird and owl just didn't go so they are now proudly hanging out on a dining room wall.

I LOVE the quotes and think they look ├╝ber-cute in these dollar wood frames I painted from Michaels flanked by $2 heart plates I scooped up at Ross's.

Since the shower curtain has rectangle graphics we wanted to have shapes like squares and hearts and circles too, (also the other towels I have that go in here have circles on them but they are in the washer today.) So I had my husband cut out a round disk of scrap wood and I painted this little design and then roughed it up a bit.

Overall we like the final look of the bathroom and I love my new little dining room birds! Now I have about 300 more unfinished projects to tackle, eventually...!

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