17 February 2009

Baby Shower Invitations

My sister-in-law and I got together last night to put together some baby shower invitations. (Addresses and phone numbers are blocked out just because that doesn't need to be all over the internet...)

We kept it really simple, just printed our invitation on white cardstock, four to a sheet and then cut those out. Then we stamped two corners with a big flower, using pigment ink and a piece of scratch paper underneath since the whole stamp didn't go on the invitation. Immediately after stamping we sprinkled it with embossing powder and then melted it with a heat gun. We cut out larger rectangles of the patterned pink cardstock and inked the edges of both the white and pink papers with a cotton ball and black pigment ink and allowed them to dry before we used double sided tape in the corners to adhere them. Not pictured are the cute envelopes which we stamped in the lower left corner with a simple black flower (no embossing) using the same flower stamp.

When we were done we were sitting there saying, "Oh my goodness, these are SO CUTE!" It's nice when you can impress yourself! :)

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