28 May 2008

More Exploding Boxes

I made two more as samples for a class I'm teaching in June. I used tacky glue on my lid corners and permanent double sided tape for the rest of it. It went together really fast using the tape but I only got two boxes out of one roll of tape. I like these a lot. The possibilities are endless for embellishments. I chose to keep it simple and let the photos get top billing in mine.

P.S. If you want your photos to have the black frame around them like mine have, go to Picnik's photo editor, upload your photo and choose "Frames" from the "Create" section. There you can adjust the color and size of the frames around the pictures. Then save them and send them for processing like normal. I have mine printed in wallet size, depending on the picture, so they are small enough for the boxes. My Germany box, however, just used normal old photos I had lying around in boxes, no online cropping, no editing, no wallet sizes, etc, just pictures that I could cut down with good old fashioned scissors.

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  1. I wish so much that you were in my ward. I am the Primary President and I need you as my counselor so bad. You are such a rare breed. Just what you did with your fiesta was totally inspiring. We just had a carnival and couldn't "afford" to many decorations. You spent "TWENTY DOLLARS" and decorated beautifully. Oh well there is always next year. And I love these boxes.