25 January 2008

My Mom's Bathroom

A few years ago as a mother's day present to my mom, I painted her small downstairs bathroom. I started with a sunflower yellow paint color and sponged it all over the wall. Then when that was dry I mixed about 3 parts glaze to 1 part rose colored paint and sponged/smeared that into the edges/corners. It created a nice effect and my mom still says she feels like the sun is always shining in that room.

I also made a 16 x 20 faux stained glass sun with a poster frame (so it would be light-weight) and we hung that on the wall.

I took watercolor paper and made two more little pictures, with my watercolor pencils and a regular ol' black permanent marker, one of a sun and one of a moon to complete the theme.

Mom says it's her favorite room in the house. :)

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